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Frequent Problems and Their Solutions

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2014 11:11AM PDT

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions and problems that you should read about before starting off with the system. The list is continually growing and expanding. This will apply to Hiring personnel only.


The Accolo application won't start on my browser and/or isn't loading


Try the following:

-Clear your browser's cache files. The method to do this can be solved by a Google search of "how to clear cache files + Insert Browser Here"

-Use a different browser.

-Request a password reset and see if that works.

-Try it on another computer. 

If the above doesn't work to fix the problem, it's time to send in a ticket. Please submit it with the following information:

-Full description of the issue (screen shots if possible)

-The browser that the issue is occurring on: Name of browser, current version (if you know it).



Candidate won't transfer


You're trying to transfer a candidate from Job A to Job B, but Job B doesn't appear in the list of possible jobs to transfer the candidate to. Three possible issues:

  1. Job B is not in the same company hierarchy as Job A. Candidates can only be transferred between jobs that are open for the same company
  2. Job B is not currently active. Candidates can only be transferred to active jobs
  3. The candidate has already applied for Job B. A candidate cannot be transferred to a job on which he already exists.



The Update all job posting box doesn't work!


This box currently doesn't work as it says. It is a known issue and we're working on finding a fix for it. The work around for this is to go to the Job Description section and update the job board postings from there.



Candidate not available for transfer

The following are possibilities for why a candidate cannot be transferred:

  1.  The job is closed and the candidate is considered failed/incomplete.
  2. The job is active, but the candidate is considered failed/incomplete. This can be solved by Manually Passing the candidate, allowing them to answer the SIQs and then transferring them. IF YOU ANSWER THE SIQs FOR THE CANDIDATE, THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO BACK AND ANSWER THEM EVEN AFTER YOU TRANSFER THEM.

Can't see notes/history for a candidate


You're sure the candidate you're looking at has applied to other jobs in the past, but you can't see evidence of that in the history section of that candidate's profile. Most likely, you just need to change the date range for which the history is displayed. From the candidate quickview:

  1. Click on History
  2. Make sure filter options are showing (click on the 'view filter options' link in the top left hand if necessary)
  3. Check the types of events (email log, candidate decision, etc) you'd like to see
  4. Change the From date to be a date sufficiently in the past. If you think the candidate applied last November, change the date to 11/1/2007. If you're not sure, just change the year to 2006, leaving the day and month the same.
  5. Make sure the date in the To date is set to today's date.
  6. Click on Filter


If your candidate has applied to other jobs using the same email address, these will show once the page refreshes. If you still don’t see it, it could be that the candidate applied to the other job using a different email address.

Not-Hired email is coming from the HC


Your candidate successfully completed the application, but you marked her as Not Interested since she wasn't the perfect fit. She replied to the email, and now you're not sure why the rejection email came from you instead of from Phil Jobs.


Fear not, this is actually the way it's supposed to happen. If a candidate successfully completes the application (passes ISQs and completes BBQs) and are then knocked out, the rejection email will look like it's coming from the HC. However, if a candidate applies and fails the ISQs, that rejection email will come from Phil Jobs.


Newly scheduled interview does not show in candidate status


The candidate had an interview today and the HM loved him and wants a follow-up interview scheduled. However, when you use the system to schedule the candidate for a future interview, the candidate status still shows as "Interview scheduled - <today's date>".


Do not worry, your interview has actually been recorded in the system. The system is set to show the date of the interview that is coming up soonest. Since there is an interview happening today, the status is still "Interview scheduled - <today's date>". Once the scheduled interview date passes, the status of the candidate will change to the next interview you have scheduled.


If you'd like to confirm that the interview was actually recorded in the system, check the candidate's history for a log entry that the interview was scheduled.


Ranked candidates showing up in wrong order


You've diligently ranked your candidates, but they're not showing up in rank order.


You're probably sorting by something other than Rank. From the candidate list, click on the column heading Rank until the arrow to the right of the word is pointing up. Your candidates should now be displayed in rank order.


Getting error when creating a new job


The most common reason to get an error when attempting to create a new job is because there is an unrecognized character in the information you've entered. The most common unrecognized characters are:

  1. Putting something like 'ext' in the phone field, because the number you're adding has an extension.
  2. Putting commas or dollar signs in the salary and/or bonus information




HTML/bullet formatting won't show up


You've put your job description into a bullet point format, or you've added other HTML formatting, but when you try to preview the job all you get is a big mess. There are two likely issues that may be causing the problem:

  1. You have broken HTML. For every HTML open command you insert (eg <b>), you must insert the corresponding closing command (Eg </b>). Review your HTML to make sure everything is correct
  2. There is an ampersand (&) somewhere in the job description. Ampersands anywhere in the title or any of the body paragraphs will cause the HTML formatting to not display correctly. Replace & with and.


Hiring Manager cannot make decisions or leave notes


Your hiring manager has access to the job and can view the candidates, but cannot make any decisions on candidates, rank them, or leave notes on them.


It is most likely that your HM is actually a Company Executive (CE) in the system. CEs have read-only access to jobs, and do not have the rights to make decisions or leave notes.


To check:

  1. Click on Manage Companies
  2. Choose the company your HM works for
  3. Find your HM in the hierarchy list - if the row color for the HM is light blue, they are set as a CE


To change the setting:

  1. Click on the Edit link next to your HM's name
  2. In the new browser that opens up, under "This person is a:" click the radio button for Hiring Manager


Your HM should now be able to do everything in the system.


Hiring Manager can see candidate notes from a different job


If the candidate has applied to more than one job in the same company, all notes left on that candidate (for jobs within that company) will be viewable to all company Hiring Managers with access to that candidate.


This is not a bug, this is the way the system was designed, so that each HM can have insight into what other HMs thought about that candidate.


Job title has been changed, but the Referral Search Engine (RSE) still sends emails with old title


The RSE pulls the title used in the email from the Information page on the job. Changing the title on the Description page will not affect it. You must change the functional job title on the Information page in order for the updated title to be used by the RSE.


Get error when running RSE


There are several reasons why your carefully crafted keywords (and they *are* carefully crafted, correct?) won't run properly:

  1. You are using a restricted keyword. Restricted keywords are terms that the RSE needs to use in order to run, and therefore cannot be used as search keywords. The most common example of this is NT (as in Windows NT). Removing these words from your search string will allow the RSE to run properly. Please see the RSE Reserved Words document created by Seth.
  2. You have not entered desired keywords
  3. Something is wrong with your Boolean string. This may mean a missing modified (AND or OR) or missing parentheses
  4. There is an extra comma in the desired keywords, or a comma at the end of the list of words that isn't followed by another word (E.g.  java, j2ee, jsp,)
  5. Occasionally, having quotation marks in the search keywords will cause an error. If you run the RSE again, or remove the quotation marks, it should work.

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